In-Line Manufacturing Capabilities

MCS offers full in-line manufacturing solutions for medical instruments that include design, production and finishing. Our high-speed Swiss CNC equipment, precision grinding capabilities and flexible finishing options allow for quick, nimble and responsive production of high-quality parts at an exceptional value.

Our solutions are manufactured in the USA to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 implantable medical device manufacturing standards. We source the best materials to various ASTM standards and are FDA registered with full lot traceability.

If you have a speclialized medical instrument requirements or require high quality parts quickly, we can help with our full service, end- to- end manufacturing solutions.


Step Grind | Through-Feed Grind | Form Grind | Taper Grind | Fluting Grind | OD Grind | Needle Grind | Point Grind

CNC Machining

Swiss | 11 Axis | 7 Axis | CNC | CNC Cut Off | CNC Grinding


Bending | Flaring | Swaging | Brazing | Welding | Thread Rolling | Heat Setting | Heat Treatment


Tumbling | Centrifugal | Vibratory | Tumble Blasting | Blasting,CNC Laser Marking | Electrochemical Marking | Burnishing | Painting | Electro Polish | Passivation | Ultrasonic Cleaning

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Orthopedic Pins – K-Wires, Steinmann Pins, and Trocars

  • Single Point or Double Ended
  • 304SS, 316SS, 17-7SS, Cobalt, Titanium
  • Medical Threads (Threaded K-Wires)
  • Diameters from .035″ to .250″
  • Various Biopsy Configurations
  • Lengths from 1″-96″
  • Standard 12° (or Custom Angles)
  • Guide Wires

Formed Nitinol – Flexible Material For Instruments

  • Shape Memory Implants
  • K-Wires and Threaded Guide Wires
  • J-Hooks
  • Steerable Nitinol Drills
  • Formed Stylette and Ablation Tools
  • Nitinol Staples – Super Elastic

Needles – Razor Sharp, Hollow Point Tips

  • Single Angle Slash Grind
  • Multi Faceted 1 Angle (Bi Points, Tri Points, Trephine Tubes)
  • Temperature Probes
  • Endoscopic, Laproscopic Devices
  • Multi Step / Tapered Needles
  • Pencil Points

Custom Grinding – Through-Feed, In-Feed and Profile Centerless Grinding From .005″ to 1.000″

  • Pencil Points
  • Precision Through-Feed (tol. +/- .0001″)
  • Long Tapers
  • Straight Plunge
  • Concentricity Grinds
  • Multiple Step Grinding
  • Flat Grinds
  • Hour Glass Shapes
  • Guide Wires

Drills – Fluted Drills, Drill Blanks, Taps, Burrs

  • Fluted Bone Drills
  • Fluted Taps
  • Hardened Medical Drill Blanks
  • 465, 455, 440, M2, 17-4

Machined Assemblies and Complete Devices

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