Medical Component Specialists Leads Medical Industry with Accu-Edge™

Bellingham, MA, October  30, 2018- Medical Component Specialists of Bellingham, Massachusetts recently purchased the Accu-Edge™ Cutting Tool Inspection System  to better serve its medical device customers. The Accu-Edge System is designed to measure the smallest instruments for the cutting tool industry, making production quicker, easier and more accurate than ever before. Accu-Edge specifications:

  • 4K Ultra High Definition Monitor (UHD)
  • 5MP Vision System
  • Integrated Digital Rotary
  • .dxf Import/Export
  • Solid Granite Base and Column
  • Mounted Dial Indicator
  • Microscope Magnification Levels
  • Generated Inspection Reports
  • Fiber Right Light & LED Flex Lighting
  • Programmable 4-Quadrant LED Lighting

“We’re excited to have this new machine in-house. The high magnification allows us to precisely measure the finest cutting tools.” – James Moore, President, Medical Component Specialists

Medical Component Specialists is the preferred supplier of precision medical components from wire, rod, and tubing to Medical OEM’s throughout the United States.

If you would like more information, please contact James Moore at 877-700-7797 or email at